Hot List Most Wanted: Gift Ideas for Boys

The holidays are right around the corner. Use these gift ideas and be the hit of the holiday season…

It’s almost that time of the year. Although we hate skipping over Thanksgiving as if it doesn’t even exist, the need to get a head start on Christmas shopping is getting more and more necessary. Retail media expects this to be one of the biggest holiday shopping years in the past decade. Get started now, avoid the circus of people, and avoid the disappointment of sell outs.

These gift ideas are mostly for boys between the ages of 8-15. Of course not every child is the same. These are some general gift ideas that you can’t go wrong with. After running a survey of over 10,000 responses, here is the list for most requested Christmas items in no specific order.

1) Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speaker

If you have a kid that loves music, this is a definite winner. This bluetooth speaker is one of the best selling on the market due to it’s affordable price and crystal clear sound. The water resistant design also makes it a must have for kids who like to go to the beach or swimming pool.
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2) Funko Pop Figurines

Funko Pop

Funko Pop figurines are by far the most popular collectible item around today. Funko Pop carries figurines for almost any popular character you can imagine. Find Funko Pop products from Marvel, DC, Walking Dead, sports athletes and many more. The best part is that these figurines are incredibly cheap.  Buy one or a collection of multiple figurines.

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3) Game Systems

video game system

Of course the way to every boy’s heart is a video game system. Of course leading the way is the X Box One and PlayStation 4. If you want to save some money when buying a game system, you can save around $100 buying a Certified Refurbished system. I know that scares some people away. However, most certified refurbished items come with a warranty which allows immediate replacement if anything goes wrong. No matter if you go brand new or refurbished, this is always a gift idea that never fails.

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4) Gaming Headset

Gaming Headset

Already have a video game system? No problem. Get your little gamer a headset. If you have an online gamer, nothing is cooler than having a headset to be able to communicate with his fellow gamers to have the full gaming experience. You can get one like the one pictured that is an easy plug and play headset. No extra hardware or adapters needed. Just plug it up and get gaming. It is compatible with all gaming systems.

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5) Game System Skins

Console Skins

Looking for a stocking stuffer for a kid that already has a gaming system, or just a general bonus gift to go along with the system you just bought your little one? Try one of these console skins. These add a lot of flavor and personality to your child’s game console. There are TONS to choose from so you can find one that fits their interest. They’re simply removable stickers that are fitted to game consoles. Just make sure you get the correct skin. Don’t make the mistake of buying a PlayStation 4 skin for your child’s Xbox One. This is a very cool present for a small price.

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6) Video Game Capture

video game capture

Sensing a theme for boys yet? I know it’s been a little heavy on the video game side, but this is one you definitely HAVE TO pay attention to. If your child already has a game system, the game capture system is a MUST. You will not disappoint with this one. It allows them to record their game as they play so they can upload their game journeys on YouTube, Twitch and more. This is compatible with virtually every game system currently out. We recommend this for kids 12 years old and above. But that is ultimately your call. Do not settle for cheaper brands. The Elgato Game Capture is the most trusted and most reliable game capture product around.

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7) DB Power Drone


Once a very expensive piece of equipment, drones are actually quite affordable and lots of fun with lots of cool features. This one in particular is compatible with the 3D VR Goggles which allows the user to see the flight of the drone as if they were actually inside the drone themselves.

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8) 3D VR Goggles

3D VR Goggles

Here is a 3D VR headset similar to the Samsung VR headset for just a fraction of the price. It is compatible with Android and IOS to play any VR games with adjustable phone holder. If your kid has a phone, this is a great addition for games and Drones.

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9) Akaso Sports Action Camera

gopro hero

If you have a kid that’s into sports, this is the camera they need. It rivals the GoPro Hero camera at a fraction of the cost. In fact, the cost is comfortably under $100. It has Ultra 4K quality and is water resistant. Terrific for kids that enjoy skateboarding, scooters, basketball and more. Instantly share videos on the go. Give them the cool features of the GoPro without the worry of spending $300.

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10) Razor RipStick Ripster

Razor Ripstick Ripster

If you have a kid that has any interest in skateboards whatsoever, they will LOVE the Ripster. It has the same functionality of a standard skateboard but also has a neat swivel center that allows you to do things you can’t do on a skateboard. They will be the talk of the block when they hit the neighborhood with this Ripster. Afterall, with all the video game stuff we’ve posted so far, they need a reason to get their butts outside. Check out the video demo in the product details.

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 11) Powerboard Hoverboard


I know you’re probably freaking out over this one. Let us assure you that those news stories about hoverboards bursting into flames were from cheap imitation hoverboards. The Powerboard actually comes with a Certified Safe Battery promise. Have confidence that you are getting a quality product with Powerboard.

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12) Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Let’s face it. Wires are so 2000’s. In the 2010’s it’s all about bluetooth everything. For your music lovers, consider a nice pair of wireless headphones with noise cancelling technology. You don’t have to break the bank on a pair of $500 Bose headphones either.

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13) Xbox Live 12 Month Gold Membership

Xbox Live

Keep their online gaming hopes alive with a 12 month Xbox Live Gold Membership. They will have full access to all the online gaming they can handle and will also have access to cool freebies offered only to gold members. This membership is valid for an entire year so you won’t have to worry about it until next Christmas.

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14) Batman Voice Changing Helmet

batman voice changing helmet

This one is lots of fun. This is the helmet designed after the Batman vs Superman movie. It has over 15 sounds and the eyes light up just like the movie. On top of that, it changes your voice to sound just like Batman. This one is great for kids ranging from 6-10.

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15) X Rocker 2.0 Gaming Chair

gaming chair

Keeping with the gaming theme, we decided to finish off with another video game accessory. Every true gamer desires having a cool gaming chair. Very few are this cool without costing $500. The X Rocker 2.0 gaming chair comes with stereo speakers built into the chair and also includes a headphone jack if you want them to keep the noise down. This chair is ergonomically built to support the back to keep them from hunching over.

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